Top 20 NuGet MVC Packages

System.Waf is a lightweight framework that helps you to create well-structured XAML applications. This package contains the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) specific types.
ASP.Net vNext Data Library
.NET Core 2.0 WebApi Application
Creates ASP.NET MVC Core SPA app with F# and ReactJS
BaseBindingModel is a library that deals with the generic validation and data processing while doing model binding in C# MVC and Aspnet Core.
Open ID Connect, Azure Active Directory B2C module to allow MVC apps to use Azure AD B2C connections.
Helpers for USGS VWE MVC5 projects.
Dependency become easy.
Dependency become easy. It supports Mvc3.
A number of extensions to the existing HtmlHelper class, which allow a developer to directly generate HTML 5 input tags tied to a models value. Also includes additional metadata functionality to define placeholder text, validation patterns and min, max and step values. N.B. For the date-orientated ...
Part of AV.Web framework. Library to help define models and viewnodels
Some extensions for ASP.Net MVC3 which allow you to persist the state of your model between different Views without using the Session object.
Part of AV.Web framework. Database layer through repositary pattern
Adds HTML5 Editor Templates (to use new input types) with HTML.EditorFor functions, and support additional html attributes (such as data-bind for knockout)
Classes to help with creating an ASP.NET MVC3 application.
Classes to help integrate OAuth in an ASP.NET MVC3 application.
Classes to help testing ASP.NET MVC3 applications.
Create view models for Mvc3 by placing attributes on your existing domain models.