Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

Generate Audit Logs by intercepting operation calls on any class without changing its code.
Miruken integration with Castle Windsor
Miruken validation with Castle Windsor
Keen IO is an analytics API for modern developers. Track any event: signups, upgrades, impressions, purchases, powerups, errors, shares... Keen IO stores events in arbitrary JSON format, automatically ingesting any new events and rich custom properties you send. Our elegant query APIs make it straig...
Contains interfaces and classes to access different video sources, such as IP video cameras (MJPEG streams). This package originated from the AForge.NET Framework and is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
An adaptor to allow EasyNetQ to use Ninject as its internal IoC container
Simple, powerful and fast IoC container.
Synergy Layered Application Architecture (SLARCH) support using Windsor Castle
This is the XCommon core project. XCommon is a light library, which implement's some design patterns like as Ioc, Specification, Repositiry and others.
The activator is a simple and fast dependency injection framework. It is based on attributes and does not require any configuration files for configuration. It also supports using static methods as component constructor.
Use these extensions to build Xamarin.Forms applications with Prism and Autofac.
Command, Dependency Property and Attached Property patterns. Also contains WPF controls for PostSharp.Patterns.Model. An official PostSharp pattern library.
Stop writing monolithic applications that make you feel like you have to move mountains to make the simplest of changes. Ninject helps you use the technique of dependency injection to break your applications into loosely-coupled, highly-cohesive components, and then glue them back together in a flex...
Grace is a feature rich Dependency Injection Container
Autofac extension supporting generation of FakeItEasy objects.
Autofac extension for automocking and creation of mock objects in Moq.
Ninject modules, providers and binding resolvers for various Microdot components, part of the Microdot framework.
A container used to host non-Orleans Microdot service which uses Ninject for dependency injection. Incoming HTTP calls (via Gigya.Microdot.ServiceProxy) are dispatched to a specified class instance. Part of the Microdot framework.
Quick Start for Simple Injector ASP.NET MVC integration. This package adds the needed dependencies and code examples to get started quickly with Simple Injector in an MVC application.
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