Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET Core - Community Edition is the free version of the powerful html to pdf converter available in SelectPdf Library for .NET Core. The converter offers a lot of powerful options (convert any web page to pdf, convert any html string to pdf, html5/css3/javascrip...
JavaScript WYSIWYG web text editor.
Cross framework (WinForms/WPF/PDF/Metro/Mono/etc.), Multipurpose (UI Controls / Image generation / PDF generation / etc.), 100% managed (C#), High performance HTML Rendering library. The Core assembly of HTML Renderer does not bound to any rendering framework (WinForms/WPF/PDF/etc.). Ca...
Integrate the OneDrive API into your .NET App!
FastReport.Net is a full-featured reporting solution for .Net Core 2.0. Various report objects will allow your report to look exactly how you want it to: 13 types of bands, 25 types of barcodes, table object, diagram, maps, shapes, line, PolyLine, Polygon and many more. FastReport.Net supports exp...
C# wrapper wrapper (using P/Invoke) for the excelent Html to PDF conversion library wkhtmltopdf library. This is a composed package referencing WkHtmlToXSharp along with it's Linux32, Linux64 and Windows 32 bit native library bundles.
Ghpr.Core: Core package for test run reporter
API de base de la plateforme MakeSens
ASP.NET Core tag helpers for Subresource Integrity (SRI), Referrer meta tags, OpenGraph (Facebook) and Twitter social network meta tags.
ExpertPdf Html To Pdf Converter is a .NET Core library that can be used in any .NET Core application to offer support for converting web pages to pdf documents. ExpertPdf HtmlToPdf Converter for .NET Core has full support for HTML5, CSS3, web fonts, modern javascript. ExpertPdf does not have any e...
GroupDocs.Annotation is essentially devised to add annotations in documents within a .NET applications. API comes with an extensive number of markup tools. These tools permit users to highlight, strikeout, and comment on text and images. This doesn't end up here user can avail numerous properties to...
Easy-to-use test run reporter for NUnit 3
FormFactory is a UI component engine for ASP.NET Core and MVC5. It reflects over your view models to build a component tree, then renders that according to customisable templates. Drive yuour views by convention instead of hard coding them.
Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX
JavaScript WYSIWYG web text editor.
Easy generation of html with a jquery inspired object model
Easy-to-use test run reporter for SpecFlow
This is a plugin for ZPT-Sharp which provides support for rendering HTML documents, using the HTML Agility Pack.
Contains a Markdown parser that can generate HTML, XAML and text. Syntax supported:
This library provides the ability to render an Adaptive Card into HTML, typically used for server-side card rendering