Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

.NET Standard Compatible HTML Rendering Library (Needs a compatible rendering surface library such as Reaktix.HtmlRenderer.Skia)
SkiaSharp Rendering Surface for Reaktix.HtmlRenderer.Core
An helper to parse html
This package includes basic quickstart boilerplate for PWA Features
Used for multi-language applications
Codaxy.CodeReports Library provides helpers for report generation
This is a simple NuGet Package for encoding and decoding Html strings.
Html2Xhtml is a .NET 4.0 library for converting HTML to XHTML licensed under GPLv2 or above. I tested Html2Xhtml in the local reconstruction of a large online database of the European Union. Tidy/Tidy.NET would not even produce valid output most of the time, Chilkat's HTML-to-XML was a bit slow an...
A Template for HTML5 in VS2010
Adds Html5EditorFor (it's safe to just replace EditorFor withHtml5EditorFor) which allows to add custom data-* and custom attributes and generates inputs with HTML 5 input type like number, range etc. Input type can be generated by: type (int, float etc.), DataType attribute or custom Html5XAttribu...
A number of extensions to the existing HtmlHelper class, which allow a developer to directly generate HTML 5 input tags tied to a models value. Also includes additional metadata functionality to define placeholder text, validation patterns and min, max and step values. N.B. For the date-orientated ...
My package description.
HTML5 Theme Is a multizone Orchard Theme Lists Posts and Pages
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