Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

CloudFoundry Connector Extensions for Entity Framework
Kotas utilities - a library for data access via entity framework
Fast Bulk insert extension for SqlServerCe using EntityFramework 6
Fast Bulk insert extension for MySql using EntityFramework 6
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Pomelo.MySql notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Npgsql notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore notifies of EF requests.
Utility classes and methods for using AdaptiveClient to work with DBContext and other Entity Framework Core objects. Build loosely coupled services, readily accessible via a lightweight façade. Easily build your service layer to use multiple providers (MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite) with no additional infra...
Fast Bulk insert update extension for MySql using EntityFramework 6
Library for EntityFrameworkCore to support ambient DbContexts
MariaDB database provider for Entity Framework Core.
Easy way to tests queries generated by EntityFramework.
Ralms.EntityFrameworkCore.Oracle is an ORM, created at the top of the ODP.NET for .Net Core. It allows you to use Entity Framework Core 2.X
Entity Framework Core Tools for the .NET Command-Line Interface. Enables these commonly used dotnet-ef commands: dotnet ef migrations add dotnet ef migrations list dotnet ef migrations script dotnet ef dbcontext info dotnet ef dbcontext scaffold dotnet ef database drop dotnet ef database update
Fluent Stored Procedure Extensions for EntityFrameworkCore
ASP.NET Core 2.1 (MVC 6) Library to support Paging (including sorting and filtering) for Entity Framework Core 2.1 and IEnumerableOfT datasources
Infrastructure project setup for building modern enterprise applications using EntityFramework or Azure Table Storage.
Dynamic Linq extensions for EntityFramework which adds Async support