Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

T4 code generation templates for N-Tier Entity Framework with EF5. Install this package for MyProject.Server.Domain.Edmx projekt if you target EF5.
EF6 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
EF5 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
EF4 provider for N-Tier Entity Framework.
N-Tier Entity Framework client base library.
EntityFramework + SqlServer adapter for Antler framework
With the new release of MVC 5, Microsoft add AspNet.Identity Framwrork, but the AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework only support Code First Pattern, while for Databas/Model First Pattern, it is hard to code all the class by hand. so we add the to support this pattern. ...
Adds SQL Server Compact 4.0 DbProvider configuration
Postgresql provider for Entity Framework 5 and below
Ordering and paging extenshion for entity framework.
[NOTE: this deprecated package simply install the replacement package via a single dependency.] Supports triggers in entity framework.
This project contains the classes that need to be used if you want to use Entity Framework as data access technology.
It has an EntityTypeConfiguration called MetadataEntityTypeConfiguration that allows auto map the EF entity using the information from metadata.
An extension for FluentProjections package. Impements persistance using EntityFramework version 6 package.
This package allows for the implementation of a Generic Repository Using Entity Framework Code First. See a sample implementation here
Repository Pattern For Frankstein
Entity Framework SessionStateProvider
基于EntityFramework实现仓储 - 基础开发服务框架
A WinForms utility to help manage Entity Framework 6.0+ migrations
An Entity Framework implementation of IEventStore for CQRS Lite.