Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Entity Framework implementation of the extensions to .NET Identity 2.0
Idea.UnitOfWork.EntityFrameworkCore Class Library
Idea.Repository.EntityFrameworkCore Class Library
Idea.Query.EntityFrameworkCore Class Library
This is a helper library for two factor Authenticator Getting started guide: Change log:
PhantomNet.Entities.EntityFrameworkCore class library
EntityFramework-specific component of the CRUD.NET package family, providing support for DDD-inspired C.R.U.D. functionality of .NET REST APIs and Microservices
Unit of work pattern for Idea framework.
Repository pattern for Idea framework.
Default EntityFramework implementation for FluentES
Generically Typed Repository Class for EF Core models
Provides bulk operations for EntityFramework.
Premise is a library for .net core applications to support quick and easy scaffolding of applications. This package contains the neccessary classes to implement a generic repository pattern using Entity Framework.
Library that provides methods that will help you with mocking EntityFramework.
EF Pagination for NetStandard and .Net Core
An EntityMapper and EntityRegister For EntityFrameworkCore 1.1.2
基于.NET CORE的一个定时任务运行管理组件。
EasyQuery Entity Framework Core classes