Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

The Dapper SqlBuilder component, for building SQL queries dynamically. This is an alternate version, as the Dapper.SqlBuilder package is not maintained by StackExchange, and the publisher doesn't update it for almost an year.
PostgreSql provider for CoPilot.ORM
Library containing API to create SQL statements using SQLVendor from SQLGenerator library.
Library containing DSL for PostgreSQL-specific SQL dialect.
Library containing DSL for MySQL-specific SQL dialect.
MSBuild task utilizing SQLGenerator and dynamic assembly loading to generate SQL files.
Library containing DSL for SQL standard. This library contains elements not specific to any vendor. The additional SQLGenerator packages provide vendor-specific API.
A high performance fully-async Micro-ORM for ADO.NET.
A Generic Storage System for Mobile Apps
This library contains types that contain common information for any functionality that operates over a network, and is configurable.
The Enterprise Library Caching Cryptography Provider lets developers encrypt the data to be cached.
EntityFrameworkExtras provides some useful additions to EntityFramework such as executing Stored Procedures with User-Defined Table Types and Output Parameters. github: (See Changelog!)
ORM Profiler lets you gain insight in what your data-access code, e.g. your Entity Framework using code, is doing, find performance problems and quickly learn how to fix them. SD.Tools.OrmProfiler.Interceptor.NET45 is the interceptor package for regular ORMs and ADO.NET using data-access logic, ...
Allows SQL Server Compact 3.5 to be used with Entity Framework. Requires the SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 runtime to be installed.
Windows Azure Shared Caching enables you to easily provision a cache in the cloud to be used from any applications or services that could benefit from caching. Caching increases performance by temporarily storing information from other backend sources. High performance is achieved by maintaining thi...
Functional wrapper around the RavenDB client API
Glimpse plugin that provides tracing of SQL commands executed by Passive.
Simple tool to migrate data.
F# DB Access Library for Global Transactions
Mongo appender for Log4net