Top 20 NuGet CSS Packages

A simple set of best practices to get HTML5 projects off on the right foot.
FSharp DSL for CSS
Flex is a flexible box layout system written in C, designed to be easy to consume from other languages.
Effortlessly create, manage and style text in Android and iOS using HTML and CSS style sheets
Library for working with Color on iOS and Android
The core implementation library for Frappe. Frappe is a compile time bundler for JavaScript, Css, and Less for high volume, high performance ASP.NET sites.
AngleSharp is the ultimate angle brackets parser library. It parses HTML5, CSS3, and XML to construct a DOM based on the official W3C specification.
A subset of CSS's flexbox layout algorithm and box model.
LibSass .Net wrapper that implements Sass compilation to CSS.
The goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce browser inconsistencies in things like default line heights, margins and font sizes of headings, and so on.
Extension for NancyFx
Файлы библиотек для создания бандлов при помощи AXP.Web.Optimization. Библиотеки: animate, appear, bootstrap, font-awesome, font-segoe-ui, isotope, jquery, li-landing, magnific-popup, modernizr, normalize, owl-carousel, parallax, scrollTo, tether, unobtrusive-ajax, validate, wow.
Пакет less файлов для генерации css
This client library allow you to easy include scripts and styles and forces them to refresh at every new publication. How to use: Example bundles: Use: @Html.RenderJs("/bundles/scripts") instead @Scripts.Render("/bundles/scripts") Use: @Html.RenderCss("/Content/css") instead @Styles.Render("/Conte...
Tool for dynamic minification, bundling and versioning of JavaScript and CSS files
Helping style challenged developers blunder into awesomeness. Adds a new Layout, Grids, editor templates, HTML5Boilerplate and HTML5 attributes.
Adds a simple CSS file used to debug media queries.
MinCat MVC Helper
Makes Asp.Net CheckBox and CheckboxList look like buttons, also work for none Asp.Net checkboxes look like buttons similar to Bootstrap JavaScript and allows the button to show checkbox or radio button to the right now
This polyfill takes the official CSS filters syntax and translates it to the different equivalent techniques that the browsers know for those effects