Top 20 NuGet ASP.NET Packages

Dieses Paket enthält die deutschen Satellitenassemblys für ASP.NET Web API SignalR.
Este paquete contiene los ensamblados satélites en español para ASP.NET Web API SignalR.
OWIN host for Microsoft.AspNet.Loader.IIS. Minimum system requirements: Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5 or IIS Express 7.5, and .NET 4.5.1. This is prerelease software and is provided without warranty or support.
C++ client for ASP.NET SignalR.
C++ client for ASP.NET SignalR.
C++ client for ASP.NET SignalR.
The infrastucture for supporting scaffold generators installed as NuGet packages.
Adds a mobile master page and a view switcher user control to enable switching between mobile and desktop views using ASP.NET Friendly URLs. Note: This package contains content for C# Web Application Projects (WAPs) only.
Module to inject Google Analytics tracking script
Role provider to work with Forms Authentication web projects
BEM infrastructure for ASP.NET MVC applications
Microsoft Application Insights Profiler for ASP.NET Core on Linux.
Restful conventions for ASP .NET MVC
The UserVoice Helper for WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages allows you to easily add UserVoice feedback functionality to your site.
WebForms.ControlExtender simplify the creation of components which extend (or adds) their own properties to other controls or components in the Visual Studio ASP.NET designer.
A metadata provider for ASP.NET Mvc that gathers information from an xml document in lieu of reflection.
Package Description
ASP.NET Core Spring Cloud Config Server Configuration Provider
This module allows you to add ability of HTTP authentiocation (supports both of Basic and Digest auth) on your ASP.NET Web Applications, independent Windows machine or Active Directory users accounts. このモジュールは、Windows マシンアカウントないしは Active Diretory に依存することなく、HTTP認証機能 ( 基本認証とダイジェスト認証のいずれも対応 ) を提供...