Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

Xml library contains components for xslt and flat file conversions for building custom integration processes. Integround Components is a collection of open source integration components to help you build custom integration solutions easily. These components can be used in any .NET application...
Json serializer to be used with the White Rabbit library
Xml, Json Loader (for .net framework)
Restify is a powerful REST client that makes JSON REST APIs easy.
Json serializer implementation for use with Tangram library
Simple, type-safe, mockable, and json-based extension of the native HttpClient class
JsonPoke and JsonPeek build tasks: Usage : JSON Poke: 1. <JsonPoke JsonInputPath="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Project.json" JValue="Empty-FromTest1" JPath="Project.Name"> </JsonPoke> 2 a. <JsonPoke JsonInputPath="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\Project.json" JArray="@(TestArr...
Zabbix API library based on .NET Standard.
An NLog target that posts JSON to an HTTP endpoint, using Json.NET. You can also set a POST URL programatically instead of in App.config.
HttpClient-based JsonRpcClientHandler for CXuesong.JsonRpc.Standard.
This helper class allows you to invoke RESTful services with JSON response type with ease.
A json string builder, built on `Newtonsoft.Json`'s JToken, using a Fluent DSL syntax, in C#.
Type-safe client-server communication for C# featuring Bridge.NET and Nancy.
A .NET Core Library for converting Bencoded Dictionaries to Json Documents
Integer to Boolean converter for Json.NET
Lightweight network wrapper for working with REST servers
JsonRpc 2.0 Server for .NET
A wrapper for Newtonsoft JSON.NET that returns a custom Dynamic class on loosely-typed deserialization.
CHIMP JSON helpers