Top 20 NuGet rpg Packages

Basic classes to assist in management of multi language content
A set of data oriented patterns that can simplify managing your game data with OpenRpg
Adds common types and classes for fantasy style settings
This is an IBM i - AS/400 data access layer that can be used with the standard Windows .Net Framework 4.6.2 and above as well as .Net Core 2.0.0 and above. Apps can run any qsh/pase commands as well as perform XMLSERVICE operations such as SQL database calls, CL command calls, program calls, procedu...
Adds the notion of items to OpenRpg
Adds the notion of quests to OpenRpg
Adds basic combat related types for building off
An open source set of base components to build RPG games
Borgun RPG API Client Library
Yaml and Lua based C# game engine for building room based RPGs with rich dialogue
A complex, high level RPG engine class library allowing developers to create Role Playing Games in the .NET framework! The library contains detailed XML documentation about every class and method used in the library. With its high level routines, this library is revolutionary software that will be ...
Extensible and well-documented dice roller with a robust set of features. Excellent for play-by-post forums, virtual tabletops, or for integrating into character sheets or encounter managers.
This is an IBMi data access layer for ILEusion / ILEaccess that can be used with the standard Windows .Net Framework 4.6.1 and above as well as .Net Core 2.0.0 and above. It requires an IBM i system running an intance of the ILEusion webservice available here:
Advanced console gui for the Wanderer engine
A fluent dice library, you know, for games!
This package contains a version of the IBM i JT400.jar as a .Net assembly for use with .Net applications that need data access to the system.
This is an IKVM packaging of rpgleparser project on github
Package Description
A simple .NET library for parsing and evaluating dice notation.
D&D simulation utilities