Top 20 NuGet ring Packages

A progress ring control for Avalonia modeled after ModernWpf's ProgressRing control
The NuGet package for playing RTTTL (Ring Tone Text Transfer Language) using the Console.Beep in .NET!
The core NuGet package for parsing and playing RTTTL (Ring Tone Text Transfer Language) using .NET!
This SDK is deprecated in favor of
The SharedMemory library provides a set of C# classes that utilise a memory-mapped file for fast low-level inter-process communication (IPC) - specifically for sharing data between processes. It features: * a lock-free FIFO circular buffer * a simple fixed-size generic shared memory array class ...
A lightweight UWP XAML circular control to represent or select a value between 0 and 100.
RingCentral C# Client
Custom control for Xamarin.Forms to view a progress ring. Colors are adjustable. It also supports "progress to" animations similar to the ones that come with the Xamarin.Forms progress bar. Built against:
Xamarin.Android charts, including line, ring, bar, radar, diagram etc
ring! service launcher and monitor
A Windows 8 Progress Ring.
A simple chart for Android with three indicators and one more to indicate overall summary. They get highlighted if you click on the ring or text.
A material design circle the progress bar for Android.
a time sequence circular buffer
High performance classic ring/circular buffer (with optional .NET BCL System.IO.Stream interface) for byte data. Packaged as a portable class library (PCL). Asynchronous I/O from streams is supported to boost performance. Supports concurrent reading and writing, and overwriting (optional).
A collection of styles for a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 Progress Ring control. Inspired by SpinKit from Tobias Ahlin.
Extended Progress Ring is a radial progress control behaves like the progress bar (the progress is circular instead of linear), works on both Windows & Windows Phone 8.1
Simple wrapper for RingCentralSDK NuGet package.
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