Top 20 NuGet resume Packages

WebDAV client library for .NET, Xamarin iOS and Android for managing items on WebDAV RFC 4918, RFC 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253 compliant WebDAV servers, uploading, downloading files, managing locks and file versions. The library is using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) and requires .NET 4....
An SDK to integrate with the Sovren v10 API for resume/CV parsing and AI searching and matching.
AltoHttp provides fast and easy download management
Orchard Core Theme based on the Resume css template from StartBootstrap.
AltoMultiThreadDownloadManager provides fast and easy management multithreading download
A FTP client library compatible with .NET core >= 2.0. and .NET classic framework >= 2.0. It can resume previously interrupted uploads (tested with Microsoft FTP Service). Depends only on Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions for .NET core and .NET classic framework >= 4.6.1. Depends on Wheel....
.NET Core service to send CVs to Datxra's API. See
- DoOrResumeNext (with retry) - SelectOrResumeNext (with retry) #add support for resume next pattern (exception hiding here - with tracing) Q
MVVM classes for universal Windows apps that take the lifecyle of such apps into account.
A library for creating and manipulating Json Resume object it in C#
Update the WMAppManifest.xml file to indicate that a Windows Phone 8.0 app supports Fast App Resume.
SharpResume is a C# PCL for JSONResume.
Provide possibility to pause and resume an algorithm by subscribers
General and LinkedIn resume pdf parsing solution using iTextSharp. It returns a hierarchic structure and it allows the extension of parsing logic by providing a decorator over the parser.
Console app devised for the simple use of PdfResumeParser and usage guide.
Used to parse resume