Top 20 NuGet responsibility Packages

Dispatcher implemented using dynamics
Wrap your single responsibility logic using the command pattern. var commandResult = await MyCustomLogicCommand.ExecuteAsync(params);
Dispatcher implemented using the executor class
Lightweight package to implement CQRS (Command Query Response Segregation) based application.
A micro framework that helps you implement pipeline and chain of responsibility patterns.
Projac provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring projections.
A compact version of Chain of Responsibility for .NET Core projects
Chain of Responsibility API, similar to Apache Chain
You are provided with a neat opinionated pattern of input argument validation You are provided with the capability to only execute classes when its their responsibility to do so
Projac.SQLite provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring SQL projections targeting SQLite.
Projac.SqlClient provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring SQL projections that target Microsoft SQL Server.
Autofac implementation for the command handler resolver defined in Affecto.Patterns.Cqrs NuGet.
A Unity IoC implementation of the IMiddlewareResolver for PipelineNet.
A simple chain of responsibility framework for .NET
Package Description
This package contains tools to ease the implementation of Responsibility Design-Driven applications.
Interfaces and base implementation for the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern.