Top 20 NuGet resiliency Packages

Polly.Contrib.WaitAndRetry is an extension library for Polly containing helper methods for a variety of wait-and-retry strategies.
Client connectivity bits, exposes a potentially cluster aware request pipeline that can be resilient to nodes dropping out of rotation. This package is heavily optimized for the Elastic ( product suite and Elastic Cloud ( SAAS offering.
Transient fault handling for HttpClient based on Microsoft's implementation.
Transient fault handling for Microsft SQL Server Client based on Microsoft's implementation in their Enterperise Library Transient Fault Handling Block.
Base transient fault handling abstractions for database access based on Microsoft's implementation in their Enterperise Library Transient Fault Handling Block.
Functional (base) library for web applications.
Transient fault handling for Npgsql ProstgeSQL client. Supports PostgreSQL, Percona, Azure, AWS Aurora, AWS Red Shift.
Transient fault handling for MySQL Server Client. Supports MySql, MariaDB, Percona, Azure, AWS Aurora.
A set of Step Functions high-level patterns. (Stability: Experimental)
C# net core library to bring Stability in your project. Resiliency Pattern to provide stability of your application execution path. Current Implementation Supports Circuit-breaker and Retry Commands. Subscribed the live feed. Best for Async Calls.
Core transient fault handling classes based on Microsoft's implementation. Common types: RetryPolicy RetryStrategy ITransientErrorDetectionStrategy IncrementalRetryStrategy FixedIntervalRetryStrategy ExponentialBackoffRetryStrategy
Add resiliency to your async operations with retries, timeouts, and circuit-breakers.
Provides resiliency components (Throttle, Circuit Breaker) for async calls to external dependencies (databases calls, http requests/web services calls, IO calls, etc).
A library to help make applications more resilient to failures.
Package Description
Package Description
Simple library to retry operations and notify when retrying