Top 20 NuGet reliability Packages

Coyote is a library and tool for testing concurrent C# code and deterministically reproducing bugs.
The Coyote systematic testing engine.
Diagnostic functionality similar to Debug.Assert but with more features. Assertions can be exercised by unit tests without the debug dialog getting in the way. Full documentation is included in the NuGet package.
HarakaMQ UDPCOmmunication is the base module for communication in the HarakaMQ distributed and reliable message queue.
HarakaMQ Client is a reliable high performance message subscriber/publisher for a HarakaMQ Broker.
Provides resiliency components (Throttle, Circuit Breaker) for async calls to external dependencies (databases calls, http requests/web services calls, IO calls, etc).
A library to help make applications more resilient to failures.
P# is a framework for building reliable asynchronous software.
The Coyote .NET command-line tool.
Analyzer that warns about implicit async void delegates.