Top 20 NuGet ram Packages

AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM) enables you to share your resources with any AWS account or through AWS Organizations.
A Process Memory reader and writer for .NET
[4.0] - PerformanceCollector Extremely useful class giving ability to easily access performance counters regarding CPU, RAM and LAN usage in realtime with configuration, IDisposable and INotifyPropertyChanged support - HyperVisorPerformanceCollector Same features of PerformanceCollector class + sup...
Get CPU and RAM usage, check process name and whether it's elevated etc.
This package contains all-in-one library to help track CPU / Memory (RAM) / Disk (Ready) usage / SQL and SQL Server Performance to monitor device and assembly performance better. Your all-in-one System Performance tracker. GitHub Open Source Poject:
Estimate RAM usage of any managed object.
Interop assembly for RAM Structural Systems. By Bentley.