Top 20 NuGet prompt Packages

A command line parser utility for creating object-oriented settings classes in .Net.
Prompting and question/answer terminal toolkit for .NET.
PromptCLI is inspired from inquirer.js and enquirer.js. It is a interactive command line interface library.
The Coding4Fun Toolkit has multiple controls and useful items for XAML based applications.
Prompt Sync History (prompt-sync-history) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Prompt Sync (prompt-sync) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Make your native android Dialog Fancy.
PrettyDialog is a customizable equivalent of SCLAlertView in iOS.
The Coding4Fun Toolkit has multiple controls and useful items such as a GzipWebClient and Audio Recorder for XAML based applications. This is the complete version which includes the network, storage wrappers, controls, and audio helper libraries.
Little helper on command prompting.
Console menu system with keyborad arrows and mouse selection
The RPL for your REPL. It's a REPL for Console Apps that features a command history, word completion, and basic shell nav. Just add your own prompt, startup message, and callback for handling the user input. More info at
A WebApp Site extension that allows you to open a command prompt / powershell window to all / any of the instances hosting your site. It also allows you to collect Mini and Full memory dumps of the process's running on any specific instance. It also supports profiling the process. All the data is do...
A Simple helper class for excuting commands via cmd,shell
Angular service to easily display input prompts and confirmation modals. Demo can be found here:
A method of configuring commands for an REPL prompt.
Blazor JavaScript Utilities.
A small JavaScript library including a jQuery plugin wich allows you to easily create dialogs, prompts and alerts using Twitter's Bootstrap framework. Powerfull, flexible and yet, easy to use. You ca go from a basic alert to adding a confirmation dialog to a form with a single line of code or yet, ...
A set of command line to get data from and display it back to the command line.
Auto complete command prompts for C# .Net console apps. This library provides APIs that can be used to accept input from command line with the added functionality. The user can supply prefilled input, edit it, use Up or Down arrow to go throught the input options supplied or even press a key to go ...