Top 20 NuGet placeholder Packages

Xamarin.Forms Effects(add Border / add placeholder / add Text / add Command / add NumberPicker, TimePicker and DatePicker / alter color for switch and slider / alter LineHeight of Label and Editor / Button to flat / Size to fit for Label / add touch events / Floating / Feedback / Gradient) for iOS /...
Adds placeholder image generation capabilities for MVC. Includes Placeholder Image Widget that integrates placeholder images provided by
Allows you to render another Page's content (including widgets)
Simple yet powerful skeleton animation for all view in Android.
Low-poly media previews for Umbraco.
Generate placeholder images and text with MVC Html Helpers
Free controls to your projects for windows phone based silverlight: Masked textbox, watermark (placeholder), hint. In a set of 2 control.
A TextBox by default value to hint that and have some features such as Math Parser, Numeric Mode, Thousands Separator and etc. for more informations:
An elegant context-care loading placeholder for Android
Set of Xamarin bindings of Facebook Shimmer for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS
An elegant context-care loading placeholder for Xamarin Android & Xamarin iOS.
An implementation of IVariableSource of Spring.Core where you can declare your variables/placeholders in a validatable json-file.
A F# project for creating placeholder images -- a handy tool when making quick prototypes app's and sites.
Placeholders.js is a JavaScript polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder attribute. It's lightweight, has zero dependencies and works in pretty much any browser you can imagine.
Antix Blackhole
Code for extending placeholders in sitecore to support dynamic keys
Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration support placeholder
This will make textplaceholders fun again. Thanks to