Top 20 NuGet k8s Packages

HealthChecks.HealthChecks is the health check package for Kubernetes clusters.
Create Kubernetes controllers in .NET
Build Kubernetes Operators in C# (or whatever .NET language) without hassle
A library that extends the official Kubernetes client.
High level abstractions on top of cdk8s (Stability: Experimental)
Targets files to enable the Visual Studio Tools for Kubernetes.
Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes (Stability: Experimental)
Microsoft Orleans hosting support for Kubernetes
Asky开源架构:极简、轻量、极致性能 开源架构 开源峰会 QQ群 779699538
Helper and Extensions for Docker Container interactions.
kt电商秒杀架构开源总决选 QQ群 779699538
Kubernetes secrets configuration provider implementation to use with Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
Shows kubernetes pod information
Template for create K8S operator for DotNet Developers.