Top 20 NuGet jabberwocky Packages

Jabberwocky package for circuit-breaker and error handling of renderings
Jabberwocky Glass and Autofac
Jabberwocky Glass and Autofac with MVC
Jabberwocky Glass and Autofac with WebApi
Jabberwocky Glass and MVC
Jabberwocky Autofac
Jabberwocky Dependency Injection
This package is not really useful (yet?), merely used to test NuGet features.
Jabberwocky Library Metapackage
Jabberwocky Log4Net Autofac Module
Jabberwocky Glass
Jabberwocky WebApi
Jabberwocky Core
Jabberwocky Extras New Relic for Sitecore
Jabberwocky Autofac MiniProfiler Sitecore
Jabberwocky Autofac MiniProfiler
Jabberwocky Core CodeAnalysis
Jabberwocky Glass CodeAnalysis