Top 20 NuGet itunes Packages

Parses an iTunes Library XML file (PropertyList format)
Easy parallax View for Xamarin.Android simulating Apple TV App Icons
API to retrieve podcast data from the iTunes Podcast service.
iTunes Podcast Finder is a .NET Standard 2.0 library that allows you to search for podcasts through the iTunes API and get episodes of podcasts from the RSS feed.
.NET Wrapper for the iTunes search API.
iTunes 11-style color matching code for Android. ColorArt is a library that uses an image to create a themed image/text display. It's a port of the idea found on the Panic Blog to work on Android.
Library to write metadata in iTunes videos
AppStoresScraper is library for downloading app metadata from Steam, Google, Apple and Windows app stores
Read iTunes backup of iOS 10 devices.
An iTunes XML Database parser