Top 20 NuGet invoke Packages

Fast dynamic wrapper for accessing hidden methods and fields of .Net objects.
For merchants who have built their app on Xamarin platform - Paytm provides a NuGet package for you to conveniently integrate All-in-One SDK.
Creates fast, strongly typed delegates for accessing methods, fields and properties. The right overload is automatically chosen based on the type arguments of Func<> or Action<>.
A PowerShell task runner based on Invoke-Build. Invoke-Build is a build and test automation tool which invokes tasks defined in PowerShell scripts. It is similar to psake but arguably easier to use and more powerful. Removes the boilerplate code from your build scripts and supports a convention-base...
Expose Win32 APIs for .NET applications.
Object Extensions can be used to: (1) Create flattend structures (2) Compare or Combine two objects (3) Get or Set member values (4) Deep Clone (5) Save (text file,S3) object graph (6) Get metadata (7) Get type information (8) Create instance (9) Copy to another object (10) Snapshots Visit the pr...
Chutzpah Test Runner plugin for PowerTasks
XUnit Test Runner plugin for PowerTasks
A convenient .NET API for shelling out to other executables.
Cross platform Xamarin plugin to invoke RESTful web service from PCL, shared project or even from specific platform project
Provides reflection functionality to search and invoke type members, search types, generate delegates etc.
dI.Hook is a Hook Repository and Container using AOP
This library generates platform invoke implementations for interfaces.
A Type extension which allows the invocation of a generic method specifying the generic type at runtime. eg. If a method's signature is: void MyMethod<T>() you can use InvokeGenericMethod(instance, runtimeType, "MyMethod") to invoke it with any type.
Make invoke to UI thread anythere and anytime