Top 20 NuGet instance Packages

Provides container instance management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
A process wrapper for asyncronous use, using Tasks or Events
Microsoft Azure Container Instance Management Library
Builder allows to initialize one or more objects customizing the creation.
An object instance creator & object mapper that uses Fast Member for reflection purposes. Also extends fast member feature to retrieve custom attributes from Members
Rrs.SingleInstanceApp Class Library
Object Extensions can be used to: (1) Create flattend structures (2) Compare or Combine two objects (3) Get or Set member values (4) Deep Clone (5) Save (text file,S3) object graph (6) Get metadata (7) Get type information (8) Create instance (9) Copy to another object (10) Snapshots Visit the pr...
Helper for Single Instance Applications for Windows Forms and WPF
Easy dynamic loading of assemblies in .Net Core. Integrates with ASP.Net Core Dependency Injection. Load modules and find implementations of interfaces.
Gear for creating single-instance applications using named pipes.
GeckoFX and XulRunner binaries for .NET GeckoFX Runtime Version: XulRunner Runtime Version:
Library that helps to create single instance WPF application for .NET 3.5+.
A simple library for loading plugins.
A simple Single Instance Helper for WPF applications.
Corvinus Base WPF Framework
The InstancerFramework serves to create instances of domain objects through the ASP.NET MVC FormCollection
Ninstance creates test instances for your classes without you having to care about the constructor signature, so you can change dependencies without having to fix hundreds of tests, or passing substitutes that don't affect behaviour
Library that helps to create single instance WPF application on .NET Core
Create instances of classes for unit tests with dependencies automatically substituted.
AltarNet3 (or AN3 for short) is a library that facilitate the creation of TCP servers/clients, along with UDP. TCP connections can be secured via SSL, with only a few easy steps. It comes with a powerful FTP manager, taking advantage of .NET 4.5's new asynchronous pattern (Async/Await), featuring c...