Top 20 NuGet info Packages

The ultimate dirty YouTube library. Parses public metadata on YouTube videos, lets you download them and much more. Does not require an API key and does not impose usage quotas.
Fully managed .NET library to detect the specs of the hardware, available in .NET Framework or .NET Core flavors (.NET Standard).
Have you ever wanted to use data from the norwegian company registry in your application, but it's been too much of a hassle? Now you can do it in this simple and easy manner
Library to easily use dialogs from a View Model in a Mahapps Metro App.
Provides additional input and output (I/O) types.
Helper Classes to supply runtime diagnostic information about calling routines without using Reflection
Display informations gathered from the assembly info.
Base class library for commonly occurring problems
Provides properties and methods for getting information about the monitor.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Mehdi Sakout's AndroidAboutPage. Create an awesome About Page for your Android App
.NET wrapper library around the API provided by REST Countries Get information about countries, Get all countries, Apply filters to retrieve what you need.
Use this Package to Download application and Get application Information from Microsoft AppCenter.
Battery, BIOS, CPU - processor, storage drive, keyboard, RAM - memory, monitor, motherboard, mouse, NIC - network adapter, printer, sound card - audio card, graphics card - video card. Hardware.Info is a .NET Standard 2.0 library and uses WMI on Windows, /dev, /proc, /sys on Linux and sysctl, system...
Enrich Serilog log events with properties from the current HttpContext.
Get app info, such as display name, version and package id
Multi-threaded data recording, almost without synchronization
Library that provide an info page for web application showing changelog and release info.
Simple syslog server written in C# with disk logging.
Extensions for the .NET URI class. Get, set, drop, update URI parts, query items and path items. Fluent interface. No more worrying about part delimiters.
Client for IpInfo.Api (implements by