Top 20 NuGet implicit Packages

This library provides helpers and extensions on top of Windows Composition and XAML storyboards. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit. Namespace: - CompositionAnimations: - Animations: AnimationBase, OffsetAnimation, OpacityAnimation, RotationAnimation, RotationInDegreesAni...
Aegis Implicit Mail is a free and open source library which is designed to provide fast and developer friendly API to send emails using SMTP ports.
Class library to simplify application token retrieval from Microsoft OAuth 2.0 workflow.
Serializer for types with implicit or explicit conversions to string and
Make any class implement any interface without changing it. Allows for abstractions over any class as long as it has methods with the same signatures as the interface.
Provides 'typedef' like behavior to simple C# classes.
BEFORE READING: There are different schools of thought about var keyword usage. This analyzer is inspired by Jeremy post at VarAnalyzer is an Analyzer with Code Fix developed using the Roslyn platform. It allows users to get...
The Assumptions library provides a clean method to make implicit assumptions explicit in C#.
Provides two lite-weight classes that can be used to check the success or failure of operations returned from methods.