Top 20 NuGet immutability Packages

Package Description
Immutability Helper (immutability-helper) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
An easy to use .NET libary that provides matching of values and decision trees.
A lightweight, flexible and easy to use do/undo/redo implementation based on immutable objects for .NET.
Immutable versions of `Memory<T>` and `Span<T>`, because `ReadOnlyMemory/Span` doesn't imply the underlying memory won't be mutated. These types take sole ownership of the underlying memory and only provide a non-mutating API which closely resembles `ReadOnlyMemory/Span`.
Practical high performance functional programming for C#. Immutable collections, concurrent HashMap, Ref, Union, Lens and Array.
Package Description
A library to create and manipulate safe immutable objects and fluent interfaces.