Top 20 NuGet ilogger Packages

Serilog sink that writes to a Microsoft ILogger
Reporting interface for the firewall and the windows to support structured logging to the ILogging frameworks. The Package extends the reporting functionality to NuGet package Walter.Web.Firewall.Core and is easily activated by dependency injection during service configuration services.AddFireW...
Autofac Module that integrates Autofac and NLog. It supports both constructor and property injection.
A utility library in .Net5.0 to easily add patterns such as Command, Query, Dispatcher, Interception...
Application Insights ILogger allows forwarding events from ILogger to Application Insights. Application Insights will collect your logs from multiple sources and provide rich powerful search capabilities. Privacy statement:
Logging using ILogger is super-useful, but logging directly to a database is sadly lacking. This fixes this, by having a simple SQL logging provider that is easy to setup. You can use appsettings.json or other methods to configure this in your Startup.cs. Be aware that this uses and very for...
Net Standard Logger
A .NET Core logger provider to log directly into a SQL Database.
Enables the Moq's Verify API over the *ILogger* extensions (LogInformation, LogError, etc).
The purpose of this library is to help developers with dependency injection per HTTP request context. This is currently not available via the default dependency injection infrastructure. A secondary goal is provide easy access to common infrastructure services such as security, logging, etc.
Microsoft.Extensions.Logging posting to ElasticSearch
A fluent expression builder that allows easy verification of ILogger Log* (LogDebug, LogInformation, LogError etc) invocations.
Allows developers to handle API errors through middleware and returns a consistent response in case of errors rather than implementing their own solutions. There is also less fragmentation and no inconsistencies in response as it follows a pre-decided structure. Users can just register an inbuilt m...
A .NET Core Logger provider to send log messages to Discord.
Abstractions to install a serilog log system with different configurable outputs
Logging mechanism for elastic (direct mode) and terminal console
Tracing.NET - A simple Logger/Tracer abstraction
LogManager from Daenet.System
Let you use your browser as a log target from any Asp.Net Core application.
Provides an Interface, Attribute and Extension methods to easily manage logging per class