Top 20 NuGet ids Packages

Generate YouTube-like hashes from one or many numbers. Use hashids when you do not want to expose your database ids to the user.
Reliable unique ID generation for distributed applications. This package provides highly tuned tools for ID generation and management. Auto-increment IDs reveal sensitive information. UUIDs (also known as GUIDs) are inefficient as primary keys in a database. Having two different IDs is cumbersome ...
EntityFramework extensions for the Architect.Identities package. Use DbContext-based connections for the Fluid ID generator: public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddPooledDbContextFactory<ExampleDbContext>(context => context.UseSqlServer("ConnectionString")); ...
Contains code generator for strongly-typed IDs. See project site for installation instructions and more details.
Azure-based implementations for the Architect.Identities package. This package allows Azure blob storage to be used as the synchronization mechanism for assigning unique IDs to each application instance. services.AddIdGenerator(generator => generator.UseAzureBlobStorageContainer(new BlobContainerC...
Ids binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Generate short unique ids from integers.
Provides a T4 file in order to generate the Templates.cs file for an Sitecore Helix module.
A package used to assign IDs of varying types to objects.
Create human-readable Ids, just like Gfycat. Use the default format of VerbAdjectiveAnimal or a custom format of your choosing.
A library for .Net that makes creating and working with custom identifiers easy. Stop relying on ambiguous Guid's/Integers for your Id's and start using something ubiquitous !
Encrypts and decrypts integers using an invertible perfect hash function. Primarily used to obfuscate numeric identifiers to prevent users from brute-force guessing identifiers or revealing the number of rows in a database table via auto-incrementing primary keys.
Provides custom id structs.