Top 20 NuGet idisposable Packages

IDisposable and IAsyncDisposable helper types.
Aggregatable (parent-child), Visitor and Disposable patterns. An official PostSharp pattern library.
Analyzers and fixes for IDisposable.
Embeddable implementations of IDisposable, for all your disposing needs.
A set of variations on ObjectPool implementations with differing underlying collections. Part of the "Open" set of libraries.
Microsoft.Extensions.Logging extensions methods. Add Scope and TraceScope.
Provides a set of useful classes when implementing a disposable or dealing with disposables. Part of the "Open" set of libraries.
Common functions for .NET applications
c# Disposable base class
Project with common functions
Fody add-in that helps with implementing IDisposable.
Static class that provides functionality to enqueue IDisposable objects for asynchronous disposal guaranteeing minimum time in queue. Also provided ConcurrentObjectAccessor class.
IDisposable helper types.
Provides classes that interact with docker-machine.exe and docker.exe to automatically start machine, create and cleanup containers. Uses IDisposable for lowest ceremony to make tests shortest
Fody add-in that helps tracking down undisposed objects
Thread-safe implementation of the .NET Dispose Pattern
This library provides a set of useful IDisposable implementations.
This library (strong name signed) provides a set of useful IDisposable implementations.
LinksPlatform's Platform.Disposables Class Library
Fork of Janitor.Fody that wants to be more explicit.