Top 20 NuGet ical Packages

An iCalendar (RFC 5545) control library for .NET.
Human readable extension for iCal.NET RecurrencePattern
The Proximity APIs for NFC (Near Field Communication) in the Windows platform are compatible to NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) messages, which are used on NFC tags and to send data between two devices. While the Proximity APIs include basic support for URIs, they lack support for more in-depth con...
OneAutomata Messaging Client is the latest messaging queue library that works with centralized messaging. Send emails, iCal events, FTP files, web service calls and tweets to the messaging queue for immediate or delayed delivery. Requires OneAutomata Web (FREE) to store and receive messages, view m...
Class library for manipulating iCalendar calendars.
A .NET control for showing and organizing appointments and recurring events. For more information visit: Documentation available at:
An iCalendar (RFC 5545) control library for .NET. A fork and continuation of the original dday.ical library including bug fixes and many performance enhancements. A fork that works with Xamarin PCL.
A library which can parse and build iCal and vCard items. It's mainly intended for use with MailBee.NET Objects. Supports .NET Framework 2.0-4.6.
Extension library to the NFC / NDEF library to enable additional, platform-specific use cases. Based on the cross platform NFC / NDEF library, this extension module adds additional NDEF record classes that integrate with platform features to enable additional use cases. The extension enables creati...
Light weight and very simple iCal parser. Parses only VEVENT objects; ignores other in iCal data.
Light weight and very simple iCal parser. Parses only VEVENT objects; ignores other in iCal data. This is a PCL that works with WPSL
CalDAV .NET client library
A C# component for creating a simple iCalendar compatible message that you can send along with emails from your web application.
packete que sirve para realizar operaciones basicas como: envio de correo, realizar operaciones en el active directory como logear y consultar usuario y crear archivos de icalendar en MVC o C# para escritorio
Simple CalDav server.
Simple CalDav client.
Support for serializing iCal and CalDav objects.
iCal Generator for .Net
Package to create ical format streams