Top 20 NuGet httpclientfactory Packages

Dependency injection extensions for Correlate.
ASP.NET Core middleware component to correlate requests between microservices using correlation ID request headers.
Correlate requests between microservices using a correlation ID.
Provides abtractions to correlate requests between microservices.
Dependency Injection, HttpClientFactory & ASP.NET Core extensions for Auth0.NET
A typed HttpClient for use with Troy Hunt's HaveIBeenPwned Pwned Passwords service:
Extension methods for easy unit tests with requests and responses.
very easy to use httpclient for webapi. call remote methods like local methods. support async methods too. 让远程方法(api接口)像本地方法一样方便调用,支持异步。
Kode-Aid shared HTTP library.
A lightweight HttpClient factory with minimum dependencies that respects DNS changes and integrates Polly policies into the http client
This library is a fork of Microsoft.Extensions.Http. It provides the basic HttpMessageHandler rotation functionality without any dependencies. Commonly used types: HttpClientFactoryLite.IHttpClientFactory HttpClientFactoryLite.HttpClientFactory
A comfy wrapper around HttpClientFactory