Top 20 NuGet http-client Packages

Classes and extension methods to make easier to work with JSON APIs via HttpClient
Classes and extension methods to make easier to work with REST APIs via HttpClient
RestClient is a library for .net that can help you to consume REST services.
Simple wrapper around `System.Net.Http.HttpClient`
Introducing Flux Architecture and other utilities to Blazor Components
Simple HTTP and REST client for Unity based on Promises, also support Callbacks!
VimeoClient library provides a simple connector to Vimeo REST services.
A lightweight, highly compatible .NET Standard library for simplifying the consumption of REST APIs
Utilities for consuming and publishing over HTTP.
Base library for creating HTTP based API clients.
Utilities for working with HTTP-based API clients that use JSON on the wire.
Simple wrapper around `System.Net.Http.HttpClient`
Provides a codebaseline to implement a HttpClient calling a service that follows the Celerik Api Protocol. The protocol is simple: all http body responses have: Data, Message, MessageType and Success.
Library to create HTTP API clients. HttpWorker provides processing of requests in background and managing of network failures.
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