Top 20 NuGet hsm Packages

Managed .NET wrapper for unmanaged PKCS#11 libraries
Binstate is a lightweight but yet powerful implementation of the state machine for .NET. Threadsafe. Supports async methods. Supports hierarchically nested states.
Base classes that allow a hierarchical finite automata state-chart to be translated easily and directly into C# code. Due to its tiny size and extraordinary performance, it is suitable for embedded or real-time systems.
This project pack SoftHSMv2 v 2.5.0 as nuget package along with minimal code for initialize and destroy SoftHSMv2. It is designed for testing .Net projects, using PKCS#11 devices (e.g. smart cards, HSM, tokens,...), in CI/CD enviroment. See also
Managed .NET wrapper for unmanaged PKCS#11 libraries
Easy to use PKCS#11 based X.509 certificate store
Integration layer for Pkcs11Interop and iText (iTextSharp) libraries
Alibaba Cloud SDK for C#
Extremely lightweight and efficient yet complete implementation of a Hierarchical State Machine. Supports .NET 4 and later, Silverlight 4 and 5, Windows Store Apps, and Windows Phone 7 and later.