Top 20 NuGet horizontal Packages

WARNING: THIS VERSION DOESN'T NEED UWP OR ANDROID RENDERER !!!! Read getting started at: Platforms: Android - UWP - IOS - WPF - Single Item Selection - Multiple Items Selection - Vertical, Horizontal, GridLayout orientation - G...
ExtendedControls.ExtCollectionView UWP renderer
ExtendedControls.ExtCollectionView Android renderer
Xamarin.Android bindings for iammert's TileProgressView, a simple ProgressView with tile animation
Simple horizontal picker with leftmost element selected.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Felix Soares' HorizontalBarGraph. An Android graph view library
Small Xamarin.Forms plugin that flips an image(byte array) horizontally. Only iOS and Android for now.
chronoline.js is a library for making a chronology timeline out of events on a horizontal timescale. You can see a demo at