Top 20 NuGet hibernate Packages

NHRecipies contains a set of powerfull recipies for data manipulation, session management, auditing, and base classes that will help you build kickass NHibernate based applications.
.NET Persistence API (also called NPersistence or NPA) is a ORM framework which also enables entity mapping useing annotations!! The project is based on JAVA's JPA and offers applications to use a standard API for their ORM operations. In this package, NPA is implemented by NHibernate. This package ...
It helps in generating complex queries, optimizing code and generating more flexibility, making it easier to maintain and create complex queries with less bureaucracy.
The core of FastDAO, an object-relational mapper for the .NET framework
OleDb adapter for FastDAO, an object-relational mapper for the .NET framework
Provides an interface for NHibernate session management and base classes for entities