Top 20 NuGet hashset Packages

Includes PooledList, PooledDictionary, PooledSet, PooledStack, and PooledQueue: based on the corresponding collections in System.Collections.Generic, but using ArrayPool internally to reduce allocations, and with some API changes that allow for better compatibility with Span.
a library with concurrent collections
Hashset binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Extensions to transform IEnumerable into other generic collection types, including async versions.
a library with concurrent collections
A naive implementation for the missing generic HashSet<T> collection type. By naive I mean it is a simple wrapper around a Dictionary. Use at your own risk.
A .NET implementation of the Bundle from the Android SDK
Why is it that the List is so widely used, even when there is absolutly no need for the features of a List? I think one of the most important reasons is it beeing so easily available. You could simply use the extension method .ToList() on any IEnumerable. To help out in this matter, and hopefully h...
Simple class to create custom equality comparers to be used in Dictionary and HashSet, among others.
.NET library that provides thread-safe collections that automatically remove their elements after a particular time has passed. Each instance of a decaying collection has a timespan specified which is used as a lifespan for its elements.
Write Skip, Take, Distinct, ToList, ToHashSet, ToDictionary, etc. fluently in LINQ statement without extra parentheses.
Immutable hash collections
ReadOnlySet is a generic read-only set. May be use as a read-only wrap on generic HashSet