Top 20 NuGet guide Packages

A fluent tooltip for Android
Android Library that lights items for tutorials or walk-throughs etc.
The ShowcaseView library is designed to highlight and showcase specific parts of apps to the user with a attractive and flat overlay.
Control Sky Q box by IP address over wired or wifi network. Supports all remote control commands including power on/off, change channel, play/pause/stop/record, show program guide, box office and UI navigation. Retrieve set-top box information such as device manufacturer, model and software version....
Better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects. Package issues? Please post them here
Android Tutorial View. Don't forget to add "Mono.Android.Export" as reference.
Sky TV channel guide and program information from Sky's online web services, Sky + HD remote record and direct channel change functionality over local network.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Shripal Jain's MaterialIntroView-v2, a beautiful and highly customisable material-design based Android library to help your users get started with your awesome app
A .NET class library for getting information about a TV show episode. Uses a MEF-based providers to get episode information. The library ships with providers for Rovi and TheTVDB. Want to provide information using a different online source? You can create your own pluggable provider!
This is a starter kit for creating a Style Guide for your MVC application. This kit was created as a code sample for the article On Creating a Live Style Guide for MVC Application Development (