Top 20 NuGet genie Packages

A .Net standard geocoder library that can query multiple backend geocoders and rotate between them (briefly named Neocoder, GeneGenie.Geocoder is the new name for the project).
This library provides core functionalities for data access layers generated using Genie CLI
A .Net Standard library for transform genealogical CSV data to precise coordinates and date ranges.
This C# library provides access to ARIN RESTful Whois lookups, plus recursive raw lookups.
.Net Standard library for loading, saving, working with and analysing family trees stored in the GEDCOM format.
.Net Standard library for testing, cleaning, researching and inferring links between personal data used in genealogy.
This is a C# async class library that support Windows IoT apps requiring a 4D Systems display. A typical IoT scenario might be a power meter built using a resistive touch 4.3" DIABLO16 Display Module loaded with a Workshop4 user interface project executing from a 4 GB micro-SD card. Leveraging Windo...