Top 20 NuGet generated Packages

Strongly typed config for Azure Cloud Services. Code generation of Settings: cscfg and csdef and reader
The Engine of Source Code Generation used by the `dotnet-cgr` tool.
strong.config provides an automatically-generated, strongly-typed facade for accessing application configuration settings.
An id convention which sets generated by native
An id convention which sets generated by assigned if the property type is Guid
The Engine leverages a set of Service Managers in order to facilite when Code Generation is absolutely required.
.Net library that includes Dynamic Linq and other Expression oriented functionality
Hashiku should help to remember long hash codes such as a SHA-1 by translating them into sentences. If you are lucky they may even sound like a Haiku (
Proof of Console (POConsole) is a console productivity tool for .NET developer's that want to prototype and run code in class libraries without writing virtually ANY boilerplate code.
The Engine relies on a set of Registries of Generated Code for purposes of determining whether re-generation ought to occur.