Top 20 NuGet fraud Packages

API for MaxMind minFraud Score and Insights web services
ClearSale anti fraud platform client API.
Service Objects BIN Validation Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This service can be used to Validate a BIN number for credit card transactions. If an entered BIN is valid it will return the Bank Name, card type, country of origin and various other pieces of informatio...
Library for working with the pseudo-cryptocurrency PRIZM. Designed specifically for unlucky developers forced to face this sh*t
Fingerprintjs2 HtmlHelper for ASP.NET Core 2 and 3
FraudLabs Pro service screens credit card transactions for online frauds. It increases e-commerce merchant profits by reduces chargeback, improves operation efficiency and provides business intelligence. Merchants can investigate all complex, high-risk orders in a simple way by using merchant admini...