Top 20 NuGet formulas Packages

ExpressionEditor allows you create Excel-like formulas to be used for data shaping with ComponentOne UWP controls.
ExpressionEditor を使用して、ComponentOne UWP コントロールにおけるデータ整形に使用するための Excel ライクな式を作成できます。
A collection of methods for solving Finance/Accounting equations.
Lightweight and simple Excel-based reporting engine allows you to generate reports in Excel (only 2007+ format) using specially developed syntax and data providers. The reporting engine comes very helpful when you need to generate excel-based report with built-in formulas or VBA code even.
.NET Standard Library to solve equations expressed as free-form strings with variables, including boolean branching and nested equation trees using forward-only parsing (very fast). Functions include common math, trigonometry and common functions, equation triggers, decimal or double calculation de...
A collection of finance relevant formulas. Additional documentation available on Github.
Easy way to work with mathematical formulas
Over then 100 financial formulas : - 32 for General finance; - 10 for Banking; - 02 for Bonds; - 26 for Corporate finance; - 02 for Markets finance; - Stocks 28;
Package Description
This library is a collection of some formulas known from physics.
Package Description