Top 20 NuGet football Packages

A library generated from a Swagger doc
A small utility to make accessing data from easier
Football data based on
FantasyPremierLeague API is an unofficial c# library allowing convenient access to data from the popular Fantasy Premier League game ( It is intended for use by people wishing to write algorithms to pick their team programmatically.
FootballData SDK is an unofficial C# Library allowing retrieving data from the popular api It is intended for use by developer wishing to make theire own football result apps.
Entity Framework helpers for cfl-api.Net
A NuGet package for simulating head-to-head matchups and applying the Colley algorithm
A Football Data Client for Support .Net Standard 2.0
.NET Standard NuGet package for interacting with ESPN's fantasy football API
Simplify access to the API in C#. The library is in .NetStandard2.0 and can be used on each platform (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.)