Top 20 NuGet flex Packages

Flexible button control for Xamarin.Forms
Avalonia.Flexbox is a flexbox implementation for Avalonia.
FlexboxLayout Binding for Xamarin Android. Commonly Used Types: -> Android.Flexbox.FlexboxLayout -> Android.Flexbox.FlexboxLayoutManager
Xamarin Binding Library - Google::Flexbox
This is a binding library of Googles FlexBoxLayout. This control allows you to use something similar to a LinearLayout that can wrap to the next line. Before this library, this was a very difficult task.
Средства сериализации для FluorineFX.
React Flex (react-flex) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Elastic view is a regular CardView, which can flex from user touches
Xamarin.Android binding library - Flipboard Explorer (FLEX)
a fast and lightweight rtmp(s) client library.
Easily read any flex query. Provides the whole data model.
Flex is a flexible box layout system written in C, designed to be easy to consume from other languages.
Flex Layout for xamarin forms
C# CSS flexbox implement