Top 20 NuGet dota Packages

A plugin for SteamKit that interacts with the DOTA 2 game coordinator.
Extends the Dota2 package to enable connections to game servers.
A .NET library that makes creating and managing dota 2 private lobbies easy.
SteamGaugesApi is an API client for checking the status of Steam, Dota, CS:GO and Team Fortress. It will enable you to check the status of those platforms in a really easy way. Super helpful for writing bots or sites based around Steam's item system.
A C# library to intrerface the Game State Integration found in Dota 2.
Steam Web API Wrapper for C#. Intuitive way to request data from Valve's Steam Web API service using a Fluent design pattern.
C# library for the processing dota 2 replays