Top 20 NuGet distribution Packages

A library that facilitates the distribution of code in the .NET framework.
Class library implementing advanced mathematical algorithms, transforms, and time series manipulations. Implementations favour a good balance of low computational complexity and simplicity as opposed to trying to obtain every last bit of computational performance.
Fully managed library providing various random number generators and distributions. More precisely, this library offers 7 generators (ALF, MT19937, Standard, XorShift128, NR3, NR3Q1, NR3Q2), 6 discrete distributions (Bernoulli, Binomial, Categorical, DiscreteUniform, Geometric, Poisson) and 21 conti...
Provides programmatic access to read and write Ekopost data. e.g. create a new campaign, envelope or scheduele print & distribution.
A lightweight library of common utilities for working with random numbers
WixNuGetPackager enables the distribution of Windows Installer XML (WiX) libraries and extensions using NuGet packages. WixNuGetPackager is itself distributed as a NuGet package which can be installed in WiX library or extension projects. Once installed in a project, WixNuGetPackager extends the bui...
The Applause SDK closes the feedback loop between app creators, testers and users, ensuring high-quality apps. With build distribution, in-app bug reporting, automated crash reporting and in-app user feedback, this easy-to-install SDK works seamlessly with your existing workflows to show the informa...
Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
MathCore Library - Statistics
A lightweight library of common utilities for working with random numbers
Anomaly Detection
Simple helper library to get exponential and normal distributed number(s) and shuffling of list
This is used to make creating true random number sets such as cards or dice. The results will eventually deal all choices if the MinReshuffleLevel is low enough.
Scientific library.