Top 20 NuGet dimension Packages

Common functions, extension with .NET Standard 2.0
Logger to file by serilog
Common functions, extension with .NET Standard 2.0
Unit Base System
A modeling of units of measures that does automatic conversion between units for any modeled quantity.
Package Description
orb is a pivot grid javascript library. Its main features are: Interactivity: - Fields drag'n'drop, click to sort, visual filters, drill down (cell double click), multiple data fields support, grand totals and sub totals (expanded/collapsed), fast rendering using React Customization: - Data headers ...
Internal component for dimension development
An extended version of the Array to accelerate operation, easy to use, multi dimensional. With SuperchargedArray.Accelerated namespace you will unlock SIMD potential to run the Array operation on any hardware like Intel CPU/GPU, NVIDIA, AMD etc.