Top 20 NuGet dependencies Packages

A fluent API for .Net Standard that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests.
PostSharp.Patterns.Caching: support for Redis.
Eunice improves cohesion and modularity in software through hierarchical structure and simplified unidirectional dependencies. Eunice analyses source code, infers its structure and shows if the dependencies match.
A nuget package containing SmartAssembly MSI installer for use in automated environments (such as Azure Pipelines)
NsDepCop helps you to eliminate unintended or unnoticed code dependencies in your application. Add the NuGet package to your C# projects and specify the dependency rules in the config.nsdepcop files. The dependency analyzer will be run automatically on every build. See project site for details (http...
Check for dependencies on CDS objects and Liquid objects within your Portal Configuration.
A .NET Global tool that scans csproj files for duplicate package references
This is all the assemblies of the Cuemon .NET Standard family.
Provides the basis for implementing the Ambient Context pattern, as well as a Clock implementation based on it. The Ambient Context pattern is an Inversion of Control (IoC) pattern that provides static access to a dependency while controlling the dependency from the outside. The pattern optimizes a...
This is a fork of Daniel Bradley's C# implementation of the Tarjan cycle detection algorithm. ( You can use this library to sort dependencies and even handle cyclic references. e.g. to compile stuff in the right order. I found it to be qu...
Various utilities and helpers spanning the range of collections, configuration, sql generation, extensions, reflection, and more.
Adds Dependency Collection/Provider, enabaling generic dependencies with lifetimes to be added. When a dependency is requested depending on its lifetime it will be instantiated and disposed of.
.NET Standard library for reading nuget nuspec manifest files.
Third-party libraries and header files that are prerequisites for building the Aerospike C client. This package is only designed to help build the Aerospike C client library. Separate deployment packages (aerospike-client-c, aerospike-client-c-libuv and aerospike-client-c-libevent) are used to bui...
The Cuemon.Runtime.Caching assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Standard family and provides a versatile way to gain access to caching in an application.
Create instances of classes for unit tests with dependencies automatically substituted.
Simple dependency injection library for .NET.
Abtractions for DeltaWare.Dependencies
Provides a small msbuild task named "dependencies" that allows to download dependencies from a TeamCity server.
Signs unsigned assemblies at build-time. This is useful if your project requires signing and you use third-party unsigned libraries.