Top 20 NuGet dependencies Packages

This is all the assemblies of the Cuemon .NET Standard family.
PostSharp.Patterns.Caching: support for Redis.
The Cuemon.Runtime.Caching assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Standard family and provides a versatile way to gain access to caching in an application.
NsDepCop helps you to eliminate unintended or unnoticed code dependencies in your application. Add the NuGet package to your C# projects and specify the dependency rules in the config.nsdepcop files. The dependency analyzer will be run automatically on every build. See project site for details (http...
A fluent API for .Net Standard that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests.
Dlib wrapper library written in C++ and C# for Windows, MacOS and Linux
Provides a small msbuild task named "dependencies" that allows to download dependencies from a TeamCity server.
This package contains `PhantomJs` executable files. The `ForEvolve.Pdf` package is also required. See `ForEvolve.Pdf` for more information.
Basic dependency injection for Azure functions V2
An alias for Cake to help with displaying Task dependencies
A fluent API for .Net Standard that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests.
Signs unsigned assemblies at build-time. This is useful if your project requires signing and you use third-party unsigned libraries.
Command line tool to check for outdated dependencies within your project.
Modules engine for DotLiquid, allows you to build your web pages out of modules with automatic dependency resolution. Makes it easier to build single-page webapps.
ScriptDependencyOrderer is a dependency-based IBundleOrderer for JavaScript and TypeScript bundles that looks at /// <reference /> tags.
This is a fork of Daniel Bradley's C# implementation of the Tarjan cycle detection algorithm. ( You can use this library to sort dependencies and even handle cyclic references. e.g. to compile stuff in the right order. I found it to be qu...
DepMan is a thread-safe dependency manager for cross-platform projects, like Xamarin, where some dependencies have to be injected. DepMan supports two patterns: the ImplementsAttribute->Init->Get pattern, and the Register->Get pattern.
Awesome auto-inyect dependencies by configurations
The Command Management System supports the implementation of methods and classes as executable commands or actions. This is e.g. practical if you want to implement chat bots or react to actions by incoming packets within a server. Supported platforms: * .NET 4.5 * .NET 4.6 * .NET Standard 2.0
Awesome auto-inyect dependencies by configurations