Top 20 NuGet delay Packages

ObservableCollectionEx is designed to postpone or disable notifications during collection update. The ObservanleCollectionEx is a direct replacement for ObservableCollection and could be used without any code modifications.
TryIt offers a simple, fluent way to try/retry actions, methods and tasks. You can pause between retries using one of the built-in delay policies or create your own. You can also add error and success policies to fine tune your control of the process. **Warning** Versions 2.0.0 and above...
Delay binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Sample web site for the Delay.Web.Helpers package.
Delay.Web.Helpers is an ASP.NET web helper assembly that includes support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) blob/bucket access and data URIs. (Note: This assembly can be used with other .NET project types as well.)
PhonePerformance is a Windows Phone 7 assembly with classes to enable better performance for ListBox scrolling and Image display by delay-loading content and pushing as much work off the UI thread as possible.